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Compassion & Courage: Conversations in Healthcare

Marcus Engel

Are you searching for more humanity in healthcare? Do you ever feel that compassion is lacking in the hospital or clinic? Have you ever lost track of the reason why you chose to go into healthcare in the first place? If so, come on in and be inspired by the courageous stories of those keeping compassion at the heart of healthcare. Compassion & Courage is a leadership driven healthcare podcast hosted by professional speaker, Marcus Engel, M.S. CPXP, CSP. (And he is not nearly as stuffy as that sounds!) His wife, editor and sometimes co-host, The Hotness, drops in for commentary and fun. Marcus is a professional speaker, consultant, professor, and the author of “The Other End of the Stethoscope” and “I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care,” two texts that are often used by hospitals and nursing schools. His experiences as a survivor of massive trauma and total blindness have inspired a generation of nurses.Compassion & Courage includes conversations on leadership topics, healthcare trends, interviews with docs, nurses, experts, patients, and folks in the field up to their ears doing the work. Plus, you’ll always get the Marcus perspective on how to integrate compassion into practice. This podcast is designed to connect you to your “Why?” and leave your heart filled with beautiful stories, lots of smiles and renewed purpose. Compassion & Courage is a Marcus Engel podcast and the views expressed are entirely his own.