Compassion & Courage: Conversations in Healthcare

Nate Regier, PhD - Compassionate Accountability

May 15, 2023 Marcus Engel Season 1 Episode 102
Compassion & Courage: Conversations in Healthcare
Nate Regier, PhD - Compassionate Accountability
Show Notes

What is compassionate accountability? How can it help individuals and organizations? Join Marcus as he hosts Dr. Nate Regier, Ph.D. and the host of On Compassion with Dr. Nate as the two talk pacifism and a challenge of non-violence and what it takes to create a compassionate culture in an organization. Dr. Nate tells a grim tale of being with a trauma survivor before EMS arrived and learn how these two strangers became brothers from other mothers.


Key topics:

  • 00:00 – Introductions
  • 00:30 – Marcus introduces Nate Regier, PhD.
  • 01:43 – Marcus asks about Next Element Consulting and how Nate got into the field of compassion.
  • 05:11 – Nate is asked about compassion and accountability.
  • 09:45 – The two talk about the role of judgement in compassion and self-compassion.
  • 12:31 – Marcus pivots the conversation and asks about how organizations react to this kind of consulting and integrating compassion into the workforce.
  • 14:37 – Nate shares two stories of experiencing compassion. 
  • 21:40 – Marcus steers the conversation to compassion in healthcare and Nate talks about burnout and changing outcomes. 
  • 27:30 – The two talk about Nate’s paper The Compassion Crisis in Healthcare.
  • 30:00 – Marcus asks his famous rapid-fire questions. Nate wants to leave us with “Compassion is what makes us human, it’s what brings us together, and it’s what gets us back on track when we lose our way.”
  • 36:55 – Thank you and conclusions!


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More About Nate Regier, PhD:

Nate Regier, PhD, is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership consulting and training firm helping build cultures of compassionate accountability. Dr. Regier is a former practicing psychologist and expert in social-emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, conflict skills, and leadership. Recognized as a Top 100 keynote speaker, he is a Process Communication Model® Certifying Master Trainer. Nate is the author of four books: Beyond Drama; Conflict without Casualties; Seeing People Through; and his newest book, Compassionate Accountability. He hosts a podcast called “On Compassion with Dr. Nate,” writes a weekly blog, contributes to multiple industry publications, and is a regular guest on podcasts.


Date: 5/15/2023
Name of show: Compassion & Courage: Conversations in Healthcare
Episode title and number: Episode 102 – Nate Regier, PhD - Compassionate Accountability